4tet: Nic Gareiss, Cleek Schrey, Jordan Tice & Brittany Haas

power troupe of contemporary folk music's deepest and most thoughtful tradition-bearers. pushing the boundaries, critiquing the conventions. Nic Gareiss (percussive dance), Cleek Schrey (fiddle, pump organ), Jordan Tice (guitar).

Brittany Haas, Jordan Tice & Paul Kowert

old friends, new trio. acoustic instrumental music at its finest--taking the littlest instrument from Crooked Still, the biggest instrument from Punch Brothers, and the most perfectly medium-sized instrument the world over.

Brittany Haas & Kai Welch

this duo brings together a fiddler from an entirely fiddly background and a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter from an indie background, together spinning new melodies and telling new versions of old stories. runs the gamut from classical-inspired piano and violin duets to Celtic and Scandinavian-inspired fiddle and trumpet duets to dueling guitars and voices.  

Brittany Haas & Dan Trueman Band

all original Norwegian-Appalachian fusion. Dan Trueman was my professor at Princeton, also composer/inventor/hardanger-fiddler extraordinaire. the rest of the band includes my amazing sister Natalie Haas (cello), Jordan Tice (guitar) and Corey DiMario (bass). our CD 'CrissCross' came out in december of '12.

Brittany Haas & Lauren Rioux

two-woman orchestra. myself and Lauren Rioux on fiddles, banjos, and voices.

Crooked Still

funky stringband from the Northeast. currently on hiatus from touring; check out what the other members are up to now: Aoife O'Donovan (vocals), Greg Liszt (banjo), Tristan Clarridge (cello), Corey DiMario (bass), Erick Jaskowiak (trusty soundman).

and occasional appearances with:

Darol Anger & The Furies

The Greencards

Abigail Washburn & The Village

Laura Cortese Acoustic Project

Russ Barenberg

The Tony Trischka Band

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

The Tuttles with A.J. Lee